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FSP meets FC!

The Free State Project Freedom Cell is an idea to combine efforts of the Free State Project (working as a vehicle to migrate liberty minded individuals and families to New Hampshire), with the decentralized organization methods of The Freedom Cell Network.

The FSP has been working tirelessly to promote freedom in New Hampshire, and attracting potential movers. It’s time to give them a break, and to start organizing ourselves geographically.

The Free State is New Hampshire. This has been proven by the Freedom in the 50 States ranking. If we are #2, that’s why we need YOU!

The FSPFC website is being created now to help share resources for those of us in New Hampshire, and those who are planning to move.

The site is very much a work in progress, so please bookmark and check back often!

If you would like to contribute, visit our Telegram Chat, or start creating pages in our Wiki

Free State Project

The Free State Project is a movement of thousands of freedom-loving people to New Hampshire. We welcome people who already live in New Hampshire, as well as those who haven’t moved yet. More than 5,000 participants are already in New Hampshire, and 19,000+ additional participants have pledged to move! By concentrating our numbers, we are turning the tide against big government. Plus – Free Stater’s have built an incredible community full of people who value liberty and responsibility. The Free State Project is a proven strategy to increase your personal and economic freedom today!

Freedom Cells

Freedom Cells are peer to peer groups organizing themselves in a decentralized manner with the collective goal of asserting the sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions.

Freedom Cells are forming all over the world, and passed the 12,000 member mark in 2021. Sign up on The Freedom Cell Network to find members in your area.