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Telegram Tips & Tricks

There are many Telegram tips available here, like the one to turn a word into a link by highlighting it, and pressing Ctrl K on your keyboard.

You can also use Shift Enter to advance to a new line without sending. (Highly recommended)

Enable Night mode to reduce eyestrain - works on mobile or desktop

Alt click (right click) on any of your messages to edit, or see many other options.

To Respond to a message, alt click and choose reply. This allows the original poster to see that someone has replied.

To disable notifications - click the ... menu, and choose Disable Notifications. You have the options of 1 hour, 4 hours, 18 hours, 3 days, or Forever (you can always re-enable them at anytime)

To save a message for later, alt click and send to "Saved Messages". This is your own personal chat.

Pictures and video can be shared with the paperclip. Choosing "Compress Image" is best to allow it to display properly.

When posting a link, TG will attempt to generate a link preview (based on the website's settings). You can remove this by clicking the X by it if you choose. Although, when posting any links, you should always share some information about what it is, why you're sharing, and how it's relevant to the group. This is just a courtesy, and will get much better response.

Starting a group: Groups are for discussion, Channels are for broadcast messages You can assign multiple administrators, and choose if admins post anonymously as the group name (with an option to "sign" messages) or if you disable Anonymous posting, admins will post as their user name. Groups can be public or private, and have many options for specific levels of privacy Channels have the option for adding a discussion group, which allows for comments on posts to the channel, captured in a group chat

Telegram also has an option to create polls, and I'm sure we can have fun with that!

Liberty Protips - See more at the Liberty Protips Telegram group!

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